The Best Dog Training Collar Reviews 2019

Having clever and obedient pet dogs can be the most satisfying thing in your life. Dogs are not just smart, they can also help to improve your social life, enhance security, and reduce stress.

But dogs can also be rowdy! They knock things over, fight with others, become aggressive,and could easily stray into trouble. The best way to make your dog behave the way you want is training it with shock collars.

Shock collars are crucial tools used to help correct undesirable dog behavior. They use vibrations, static simulations, and sound signals to try and halt undesirable behavior.

While the benefits of using dog collars cannot be overemphasized, the fact that they use electric shock means that they could be a health risk. Therefore, which is the best dog training collar? To answer this question, I did some legwork for you to get the best dog training collar reviews.

best dog training collar review

How Do Shock Collars Work? 

Before diving deeper into the reviews, here is a demonstration of how the shock collars work. The collars are aversive training tools that were first used in 1960s to train dogs to hunt. But unlike in the 1960s, dog collars today are used to help curb unwanted behaviors such as food aggression and excessive barking. They can also be used to help dogs stay within a specific area that is considered safe.

Note that the shock collars are not designed to punish the dog. Rather, they follow the theory that a dog will drop its unwanted behavior if it is made slightly uncomfortable and reminded regularly.

The shock released by the collar is safe and just enough to get the dog’s attention and deter bad behavior. It neither lasts nor causes physical harm. Note that most collars come with multiple levels of enforcement such as the intensity of the shock that allow you to emphasize the bad behavior that the dog should drop.

What To Look For When Selecting an Electric Dog Collar 

During the Dog e collar reviews, I found that manufacturers use different designs to make training your dog easy and efficient. Therefore, I prepared the following checklist to help you pick the ideal electric shock collars:

  1. Adjustable intensity: A collar with flexibility of warning sound, vibration and shock simulation is easier to use when conditioning your dog’s behavior.
  2. Ease of use: The ideal electric dog collar should be easy to use and get results. Therefore, check for manuals and even how-to-videos that showcase how the collar is used.
  3. Ability to work even when you are away: The collar you select should have auto-settings that allow you to condition the dog behavior even when you are not at home.
  4. Affordability: You should go for the collar that is within your budgetary limit. Note that this does not simply mean picking the cheapest option in the market. Rather, you should look for the best collar offered at lower rates by purchasing when the dealer is having offers or special discounts.
  5. Waterproof capability: If your dog likes to play in the sprinkler or jump in the pool, you should only go for the collars that are waterproof. This will prevent them from getting damaged and requiring regular replacement.
  6. Durability: The ideal collar should be sturdily built with strong materials such as leather and hardened plastic to withstand regular use during training.

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